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Oversat fra Engelsk. Icon 1998. 176
David Zane Mairowitz & Alain Korkos

Camus for beginners

Illustreret af Alain Korkos.

Albert Camus, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957, always refused the esistentialist label with which he is usually associated. For Camus, the world was “absurd”, without purpose, leading only unto death, yet all the more invigorating precisely because of this. Camus for Beginners portrays a man who was an intellectual in the tradition of the great French humanists, a resistance fighter during World War II, and also a great sensualist for whom sun, sea, sex, football and theatre were the answer to life’s “absurdity”. David Mairowitz’s brilliant text is beautifully illustrated by Alain Korkos.

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