Adam Schwartzman

Adam Schwartzman (f. 1973) er født i Johannesburg. Han er uddannet fra Oxford University og har arbejdet som lektor ved Centre of African Studies ved the University of Cape Town. Han har udgivet tre digtsamlinger og debuterer som romanforfatter med Eddie Skiltemaler, som har fået anmelderne til at sammenligne ham med forfattere som Faulkner, Ondaatje, Nabokov og Coetzee.

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Artikler/ interviews

If you were to name your main reasons for writing this specific book (Eddie Signwriter), what would they be?
To give life to my experiences beyond myself. To catch something before it was gone – in myself and about the world. To exorcise the worst of my demons. To honor the people I’ve encountered on a long journey. To change myself. LÆS MERE! 

NEW YORK TIMES: “SCHWARTMAN WRITES SUPERBLY” (anmeldelse af ‘Eddie Skiltemaler’)
Anmeldelse: “Schwarzmann writes superbly about the fatal misunderstandings that can occur between the generations: between rule-bounds, scheming elders, envious of possibilities no longer open to them, and the young, who act impulsively in ways that may haunt them later”. LÆS MERE!

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